Meet the industry leading R-RAK Loading System
15 May

Meet the industry leading R-RAK Loading System

The ultimate in secure transport, CFR AutoDirect is the only R-RAK Certified Company in the United States. R-RAK is the safer, stronger, efficient car loading system trusted by leading car manufacturers like Tesla, GM, Honda and BMW. This removable system is designed for maximum efficiency and security.

CFR_AutoDirect_Icons_Efficient2Maximum Efficiency
Our exclusive R-RAK method for stacking cars allows the loading of three, four, or even five cars safely into a fully enclosed container.


Safer Delivery
Other companies rely on damaging and undependable wooden ramps. Our steel R-RAK system is safer and more efficient.


We don’t use outdated wood ramps and nails. R-RAK is the only reusable, green system – saves up to one whole tree per container!


Our quality fully enclosed containers protect vehicles from damaging UV rays, weather conditions, and other road hazards like gravel and debris. We load and lock in your client’s vehicles with our exclusive R-RAK system instead of using outdated wooden rails and nails, which can cause damage during loading and unloading.

By choosing CFR AutoDirect for any enclosed carrier service needs, you can rely on our professional and secure transport of your client’s vehicle fleet to its destination.